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SanoTint Silk Mask for all hair types

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With millet extraction, silk proteins, vitamin B5, biotin. Completely recovers the structure of hair and head skin, protects from aggressive action of lighteners and UV-rays, normalizes water balance strengthens the hair and naturally prevents split ends. It protects the hair from pollution and humidity..
Does not contain derivatives of animal origin
Product not tested on animals
Does not contain derivatives of mineral origin
Dermatologically tested
Alcohol free
Does not contain colorings of synthetic origin
GMO free
Does not contain added metals



MEDICAHEALTH  is a Lebanese company that operates in the field of natural cosmetics and natural hair care.

MEDICA HEALTH has earned more than 120 products with the best quality in the world from Italy and Swiss.

All SANOTINT AND LOCHERBER products are a trademark for COSVAL S.P.A MILANO