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Color your hair without damaging it

SANOTINT hair dye is made from natural ingredients golden millet and natural plant extracts.

Sanotint  Contains golden millet extract, which is rich in silica, and important ingredients  for protecting hair. Pure vegetable extracts such as olive, birch and grape seed combine to give hair intense shine and gloss. Effectively covers grey hair from first applications. With Sanotint, hair is always healthy and soft. Not only does SanoTint hair color not damage your hair, but, on the contrary, strengthens and restores its structures.

SANOTINT offers a vast range of natural products to help you care for your hair besides hair color, shampoo and setting lotion: indulge your curiosity with the different types of special shampoos 9 KINDS OF SHAMPOOS and conditioners RESTUCTURING BALM , masques (SILK MASK) and (oils OIL NON OIL OILIO LAVANTE ) ALL THIS PRODUCT  PARABEN FREE, GMO free ,alcohol free, does not contain derivatives of animal origin, does not contain derivatives of mineral origin, dermatologically tested does not contain colourings of synthetic origin, ,does not contain added metals

sanotnt advantages :
• Ammonia free / Paraben free / GMO free / PEG free / Alcohol free / No preservatives
• Combination of natural healing substances such as Golden Millet, Walnut Husk and Grape stone give rich vibrant color guaranteeing perfect grey coverage from first application
• Contains pantothenate calcium and biotin, two nourishing and protecting ingredients, for a silky feeling and shiny hair
• No drip
• Does not fade out
• Produces shiny, soft and supple hair
• Vegetable-based dye
• Permanent do-it-yourself natural hair dye
• Long-lasting brilliant color results in healthy and glowing hair.
• You can mix two or more  hair colors for your own style.
• Applies as cream, any remaining product may be capped and saved for future use.
• Extremely low allergy risk
• Does not contain derivatives of animal origin
• Dermatologically tested
• Product appointed by the Ministry of Health
• Does not contain added metals
 Sanotint is the only ‘do-it-yourself’ hair color with golden millet and other vegetal extracts. It is very easy to apply, does not drip, does not fade out and after an initial setting time of 30 minutes, you simply rinse it like a shampoo. One package can be rationed for several applications.

Sanotint Classic is available in 30 trendy shades you can mix and match for to create your own style

 Sanotint Classic Hair Dye Colors
01 - Black
02 - Black Brown
03 - Natural Brown
04 - Light Brown
05 - Golden Chestnut
06 - Dark Chestnut
07 - Ash Brown
08 - Mahogany*
09 - Natural Blonde
10 - Light Blonde    11 - Honey Blonde
12 - Golden Blonde
13 - Nordic Blonde
14 - Dark Blonde
15 - Ash Blonde
16 - Copper Blonde
17 - Blue Black
18 - Mink
19 - Very Light Blonde
20 - Tiziano Red    21 - Bilberry
22 - Claret
23 - Red Current
24 - Cherry Red
25 - Mocha
26 - Caramel
27 - Havana Blonde
28 - Red Chestnut
29 - Dark Copper Blonde
30 - Intense Blonde

Sanotint light sensitive Without PPD for very sensitive skin
Sanotint Light is available in 14 shades you can mix and match to create your own style. Sanotint Light Colors:
71 - Black
72 - Light Ash Brown
73 - Natural Brown
74 - Light Brown
75 - Golden Chestnut
76 - Amber Blonde
77 - Dark Golden Blonde
78 - Mahogany
79 - Natural Blonde
84 - Dark Blonde
85- venetian cooper
86- intense auburn blonde
87 - Extra Light Golden Blonde
88 - Extra Light Blonde