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Celebrity Cream

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25 years + anti aging treatment. With a surprise the package will make u happy with dry roses – in a box for you
 amazing texture for a new skin
Explosion for your face . A bio-complex that consists of three elements that work together and act as sirtuin stimulators. The biocomplex is accompanied by an emulsifier derived from the rose plant with amazing sensory effects. Antioxidants that are skillfully blended reduce oxidative stress.
Revolutionary anti-aging treatment that stimulates the protein of longevity for skin that is supple, hydrated and radiant.
Helps to visibly reduce the appearance of age spots, deep lines and wrinkles.

how to use:
Spread a layer of cream all over your face and neck and massage lightly with an  upward motion to tone and protect the skin. Apply morning and night onto skin that has been cleansed and toned using Locherber products.
Effect :
-antioxidant effect that reduce stress cause by free radical
-Stimulate collages in skin
-Nourishes the skin
-Restor elasticity and skin tone
-Improve recovery of the DNA
•    Does not contain derivatives of animal origin
•    Product not tested on animals
•    Dermatologically tested
•    Nickel tested
•    GMP certified
•    Paraben free
Made in switzerland



MEDICAHEALTH  is a Lebanese company that operates in the field of natural cosmetics and natural hair care.

MEDICA HEALTH has earned more than 120 products with the best quality in the world from Italy and Swiss.

All SANOTINT AND LOCHERBER products are a trademark for COSVAL S.P.A MILANO